Emergence Of HP Printers In The Industry

With the advancement in technology, devices used for various purposes are becoming popular and gaining their importance greatly. Printer is one such device in the field of computing. It is one of the many peripheral devices that are used in the industry. It is used to make a persistent representation of texts or graphics on a paper which is readable by human beings. It can even be used to represent images or texts on any physical media that are similar to paper. The first computer printer was developed in the nineteenth century. It was invented by Charles Babbage. He used this device for his difference engine. Later on, commercial printers came into existence. They used the mechanisms that were similar to those of electric typewriters and teletype. When it started becoming popular and the use of printers increased, people wanted increased speed in them. In order to provide increased speed in printers’ new systems were developed. These developments were majorly based on enhancing the printers for computer use. In the decade 1980s, a new system daisy wheel was created and later on came the line printers which gave the output with increased rate of speed compared to the previous versions. When the need for printing texts and graphics increased, dot matrix systems were developed.

The output that was acquired with the help of this device was not clear and was of low quality. Thus it lost its specialty. Other type of printer which was used in creating high quality of line arts is the plotter. This is used for materials like blueprints which are required to be exact and clear for future reference. These devices were initially costly and were not suitable to be purchased by all. HP Printers were the first low cost laser printers that were available in the market in the year 1984. HP Laser Jet was the first device which was affordable by most people. Later in the next year there was a revolutionary change in the desktop publishing using Postscript. They were used to print graphics as well as texts with an excellent quality. These kinds of printers made it available for the users to have a result that was previously obtained only if a commercial typesetting system was used. Most common filers and brochures are usually created on personal computers and are printed using HP Printers. Every day, new advancements in the technology are being made.